The affordable usb3 camera of GeT Cameras

Have you been searching for a proper industrial usb3 camera? Or maybe you have not been as content lately with your current supplier because some things in your business have changed, or they don’t provide the industrial cameras you need. GeT Cameras offers a variety of industrial cameras of high quality and low prices. So, if you are looking for a good industrial camera, whether it be a usb2 or usb3 camera, GeT Cameras will offer you these cameras for good quality will last long. A big plus is that these cameras are reasonably priced. 

The usb3 camera of GeT Cameras

The industrial usb3 camera of GeT Cameras is possible to be used for machine vision and pharmaceutical applications and it is the cheapest in the industrial market. The usb cameras are equipped with either a CCD or a CMOS image sensor. The cameras are available both with and without housing and are suitable for high volume OEM projects. The camera is not that big with its dimensions of 29x29x29mm. There are cameras available with and without the digital in- and output. Important to note for this usb3.0 camera is that older computers or laptops may have a usb3.0 port that causes an unstable bandwidth. The latest computers and laptops, however, do not have these issues with their usb3.0 ports. If you have an older computer or laptop with such a usb3.0 port that caused instability in bandwidth, then the solvable by expanding your system with a usb3 controller. This will guarantee a stable data transmission and you could connect multiple industrial cameras to one device. Other features of the usb3 camera are:

  • Example scripts in C++, python and C#
  • Developer boards that use an Intel X86 platform
  • A bandwidth of 400 MB/s
  • There is a free SDK available
  • The cable length of a usb3 camera has a maximum of 4.5 meters. It is advised to use certified usb3 cables since other cables can cause an unstable system. 

Differences with the usb2 camera

The usb2 camera, as its name suggests, makes us elf usb2.0 technology. This kind of technology is older than the usb3.0 and therefore does not have some extra perks that come with the usb3.0 technology. For instance, the usb3 camera has a more suitable interface for the high resolution and high-speed cameras thanks to the bandwidth of 400 megabytes per second. The usb2 camera is about 10 times slower, to compare the two. Another advantage is usb3.0 needs less processing power than the us2.0 technology and nowadays, most computers and laptops have a developer board that includes a usb3.0 port. Moreover, since usb3 is the successor of usb2, usb2 is not really developed further and as a result, stays behind. The usb3.0 cameras are being constantly further developed, so it would certainly be more ideal to get a usb3 camera instead of a usb2 camera. 

A usb3 camera is, therefore, a better option than a usb2 camera. The cameras of Get Cameras are among the cheapest, yet they still have the necessary quality. So, getting a usb3 camera from GeT Cameras will never be a wrong decision!

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