Opening a company in the Netherlands?

Would you like to start your new business? By opening a company in the Netherlands, you will step into a highly entrepreneurial climate with a great diversity of target markets. On the one hand, this is because of the strong business ethic of the Dutch as well as the hard-working spirit of many companies that opted for opening a company in the Netherlands. On the other hand, the inhabitants of the Netherlands are highly diverse. This country is known for its great representation for all age groups and its diversity in cultures. This results in a target market for basically any business that considers opening a company in the Netherlands. This article further elaborates on the advantages of opening a company in the Netherlands and discusses what taxes you have to consider when opening a business in the Netherlands.

Why would you consider opening a company in the Netherlands?

A list of advantages for opening a company in the Netherlands is stated below. Further explanation is provided after the enumeration.

  • Geographical location
  • Economic system
  • Quality of infrastructure
  • Focussed on international markets
  • Skilled workers

First, the Netherlands is located very favourably. Its geographical location, the far Western part and in the industrial centre of Europe, results in a north and western border with the North Sea and is therefore easily accessible for shipping goods. Besides, the airport of Schiphol in Amsterdam offers plenty of opportunities to fly cargo across the globe. Second, the economic system in this country is favourable for opening a company in the Netherlands. The Dutch are one of the biggest exporters worldwide. Also, in 2017 the Netherlands was ranked fourth in global competitiveness. Third, there is the quality of infrastructure. When opening a company in the Netherlands, safe and easy distribution of goods and services is one of the key factors for becoming successful. The Netherlands has an extensive railway network, as well as many highways and great IT services. Fourth, the Netherlands has always been a very open economy. Since the first signs of globalization, the Dutch have had a focus on international expansion. Thereby, they established great ties with other countries and is part of several trade unions. As the economy is focused on both import and export, it serves as a great basis for opening a company in the Netherlands. Lastly, the Netherlands is known for a workforce that is high is skills.

How to deal with taxes when opening a company in the Netherlands?

Starting a business and, more importantly, remain up and running, requires for you to pay taxes. This section discusses the tax system in the Netherlands. As soon as your company is registered at the Chamber of Commerce, the tax authorities directly receive the company information just registered. Thereafter, based on your RSIN number (person’s info number) the tax authorities decide whether your company will have to pay income taxes (depending on the amount and the nature of your activities), value-added taxes (depending on the goods and services you would like to offer in the Netherlands) and taxes for wages (depending on the employees you are planning to hire). If you have any concerns or questions about the taxability of your company by the tax Dutch authorities, there are many institutions to contact. More information? Take a look at

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