How do I start a Dutch company?

How do I start a Dutch company? Is it difficult to start a Dutch company? If you consider this, one of the most important things to take into account is that you have to make a business plan. The most important step in launching a successful business is writing up a business plan, a good business plan to lay out aims and also to plan for your new business. The last part of this article tells you everything about the business plan and about a good business plan. What does it mean exactly? 

Why isn’t it difficult to start a (new) Dutch company?

First of all, we want to start answering this question. It is not difficult to start a new business in The Netherlands. It is a good thing to read on for an overview of the steps you have to take and may take from the idea all the way to the start of a Dutch company. In this article, we use Amsterdam as an example, because Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands and in this large city there are a lot of possibilities. Here is how to find out if, in the first place, it is possible to legally start a business in this country. If that is the case, you can start making a plan. Because one of the most important things is making and having a good business plan, to convince all the parties. Every party must believe in you and in your plans, that is one thing that is for sure. The most important step to take if you start your Dutch company, you can read it here below.

How do I make a good business plan if I start a Dutch company?

Yes, you can make a business plan as well if you want to start a Dutch company. Better said: you have to make that business plan to lay out aims and plans for your new Dutch business and to keep them in check. It may also be required by the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce), to help choose the most appropriate company structure and also other institutions. Furthermore, the business plan should summarize the mission of the business. It also includes:

  • Profit and loss sheets
  • Estimates of running costs
  • Annual projection
  • Potential alternatives

That is the case if things do not go to plan. Not everything can be perfect, right? The way to success is full of try and fail moments. The good news is indeed that you learn from it. You will learn from your mistakes, because you never want to make those mistakes again. But mistakes have to be made, also in a business plan. Besides, the Chamber of Commerce, the Kamer van Koophandel in other words, offers advice and information about running a business and they can also help to formulate a business plan if you want to start a Dutch company You have to know that you are not alone and that there are always people that want to help you, not always because of money but because they have the right experience, that is one thing you should remember. When will you start your Dutch company? 

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