Do you need a Bucket Conveyor?

Do you need a Bucket Conveyor? Do you want to know how a Bucket Conveyor works and where you can buy this type of Conveyor? This article is written for you if you have answered yes to all these questions above. We will start telling you who Apollo BV is because that is the main place to get you Conveyor and perhaps other products as well.

Who is Apollo BV?

Apollo BV is a family business since 1847, they strive every day to develop and also deliver products as well as services that help customers to grow, customers like you and me. They state (which you can read on their website) that standing still brings you nowhere. That is true. Standing still might even move you backwards and that is one of the main reasons you should choose for Apollo BV if you want to buy the Bucket Conveyor. What is this type of conveyor exactly and how does it work? Their goal is enabling the growth of their customers; they have to adapt in this highly dynamic world. Unlike others, this is stated on their website. 

How does the Bucket Conveyor work? 

Of course, you are here, not only to read about Apollo BV, but the main reason you have opened this text is that you want to know how this Bucket Conveyor works. Bucket Conveyors move products vertically via reciprocating buckets. A conveyor is made of an interconnected loop of buckets that stay level when they move from vertical to horizontal. The Bucket Conveyor is loaded with the material at the front. Each bucket automatically deposits at the end of the run. This is also known as discharge. Why are they such a popular choice? Bucket Conveyors are a popular choice for vertical conveying and:
  • They find many uses in the biomass
  • As well as in cement, glass, mining and paper industries
  • They keep product contained in discrete units 
There are of course different types. We have listed the different types here below. The Bucket Conveyor comes in three basic types, the centrifugal, the continuous and the positive discharge conveyors. The first type is the centrifugal Conveyor, this type moves free-flowing material with the help of centrifugal force. These buckets are within a metal housing and this housing prevents material from going anywhere but out the end of the discharge. They are great for the applications that take higher speed and they work best if you use fine material. The second one, the continuous bucket conveyor is distinct from other Bucket Conveyor types. They are meant to transport fragile or light material and they move at lower speeds. They are deposited so that only gravity acts on products. Then we have the third and the last type, which is the positive Discharge Conveyor. This specific type is a special kind of centrifugal conveyor, where their buckets pass over an extra sprocket which jolts the material out of the end of the discharge. If you want to choose the right kind of the Bucket Conveyor, you may find it challenging. Reading these articles will make it easier to choose, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. 
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