BV or NV, can’t make a choice between these two?

BV or NV, can’t make a choice between these two ?
And why should you start a BV? The most important reason people choose for a BV instead of any other Dutch legal entity is because of the limited liability and the flexibility of this company form. The BV is indeed really flexible, especially if we compare it with the NV. Amongst others, is is possible to incorporate a BV with only one share having a nominal value of EUR 0,01. You will read below that that is not always the case, because the NV requires a different nominal value. That is already one big reason to choose for the BV instead of the NV. If case money does not matter, you have to make choices on another base. Part two of the information regarding the choice of the company forms will follow as soon as possible, but first we will continue with the introduction of ‘BV or NV, can’t make a choice between these two?’ It can be difficult to choose between a BV or NV. This is exactly the reason to write a whole article about the differences between those those. To choose a BV or NV, you have to know what the minimum amount is to start with. Maybe you already know that it is not the same, but what does this mean exactly? 

How to start your own company?

It has already been said, it can be quite difficult to make a choice between the BV or the NV. Luckily, there are some ways to make it a little bit easier to choose between these two. Think about how you want to start your company. Do you have the money to invest? That is the first question you should ask yourself. Because if you are going to choose for the NV, you have to invest a capital of EUR 45,000. That is required, otherwise you can not start that company form. The main difference is that a BV can only issue registered shares. The NV can issue. Both registered and (freely) transferable bearer shares. The NV can be listed on a stock exchange. 

BV or NV for your company form? It is up to you!

Luckily you are free to make your own choice. It is true that the choice can be difficult, but after reading more about ‘BV or NV, can’t make a choice between these two’ it can not be that you are still clueless. The information that we gave can be used to make a choice that you have always wanted to make. The BV or NV for your company form? We say it again, it is up to you. And most important, before we forget to mention is the following. Success begins with you, where you want it to start and how big you want the success to be depends on the amount of effort. So it comes down the fact that it depends on you, you are in charge. Just think about the following things:
  • Do you have enough money?
  • What is your goal with the BV or NV?
  • What do you want to do with your company?
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